Town Gardens & Courtyards

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Town Gardens & Courtyards

Town gardens and courtyards give you the perfect opportunity to have your garden designed to suit your needs. Every garden is different, so it’s very important for us to discover exactly what you are looking for from your garden.

The opportunities are limitless, but generally there are a number of factors to consider. Whether we need to open up views into your garden, or more often in town gardens to do the opposite and increase privacy, perhaps through use of screening or careful planting.

Sun & Shade

The aspect of the garden is very significant (position of sun and shade) to decide such things as were to place a seating area, and whether it should make the most of the sun, or alternatively be covered to screen off the sun. Many town gardens and courtyards are often shady, but thankfully there are a great many wonderful interesting architectural plants that do very well in the shade.

The Design

Once we’ve established what you’re looking to achieve, we survey the garden to establish what you already have and any restraints. The design of your garden takes into account the brief and the survey, and often ignores the boundaries in your garden and either works out from the central heart of the garden, or alternatively takes a design motif working away from the house. A coherent design will include all the elements you are looking, carefully taking into considerations such as aspect, and be presented in an attractive easily understandable format.

Alternatively areas of the garden may be designed to be separate rooms with a very different feel to them. For example a modern patio or terrace joined to the rear of your house, perhaps linked through planting to a more informal lawn or wildflower meadow beyond. We will most likely need to take into account what’s outside the garden too – be it views or vistas that we should make the most of, or alternatively objects or buildings you would like obscured with careful design or large planting.


Planting is massively significant in town gardens and courtyards, often because space is limited and it is very important to therefore combine plants that can supply all year interest and combine well together. Our galleries of planting suggest ideas for planting schemes, and more detailed information available on design and landscaping.   |   01273 692975