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Green Rooms
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We offer a free consultation to help work out everything you want from your garden or space. Through this process we obtain your brief and start looking at options, with the aid of our portfolio of work.

If you would like to talk to us about this or any of our services, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the details shown.

Alternatively you can fill out our simple enquiry form and we will get right back to you.

Enquiry Form

Design Questionnaire

Please use this questionnaire to express your preferences for the new garden. If you don’t have time to complete the questionnaire prior to the garden design meeting, we can go through it then instead.

Design Questionnaire

1. How would you like to use your garden? What are the main features you would like to see within it?

2. Who is it for?

3. Is there a theme or style that would best describe the garden you are looking for? Or are there different areas of your garden that you would like to reflect different styles/themes? E.g., Mediterranean, Modern Urban, Naturalistic etc

4. What kind of design approach appeals to you? Do you like straight lines,squares, rectangles and therefore a rectilinear design? Do you prefer curves, circles, ovals or a more naturalistic approach to design? Or a combination of approaches?

5. Is there a style of planting you prefer? Are plants important to you in the garden? Examples might be formal planting, architectural evergreen plants, carefully shaped plants, exotic and Mediterranean planting styles. Also naturalistic planting including swathes of flowering plants and grasses.

6. Would you like to see changes of level in the garden? Or are you looking for everything on a flat level?

7. Do you have colour preferences either for materials in the garden or plant colours and flowers?

8. Do you have any thoughts on the kinds of materials you would like to see in the garden? Brick, paving, stone, ornamental gravels, choice of wood, metal, grass, artificial grass & wildflower meadow, water, sculpture etc

9. Are there views out of the garden that are important to you? Or conversely are there views/objects/buildings you would like to screen or increase privacy from?

10. Do you like sun or shade? Are you aware which areas of your garden are best for either of them?

11. Are there any practical considerations that we need to take into account? Here is a short list to help: - planning considerations or restrictions on your property, neighbour concerns, drainage issues, thoughts about soil condition, access issues, concerns about strong winds etc.

12. Are there any functional uses of the garden that are needed, e.g. space for a BBQ, washing line etc?

13. Will you have time to do your own garden maintenance? Or will you consider employing a gardener?

14. Do you want an irrigation system installed for planting?

15. Do you want garden lighting? If so, do you have any thoughts about the type of lighting you would like to see in the garden?

16. Do you have any preference for the type of garden design? We can offer either 3D design which gives you realistic views over the intended garden, or layout plans which are black & white 2D scaled plans. In addition we can also offer separate planting plans, mood boards or construction drawings. Examples of each of these can be seen on the website.

17. Do you have any pictures, articles, or links to web sites that might be useful in completing the garden design?