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Living Walls

Living Walls

Maximize Space

Green Rooms Landscapes and Gardens can install and maintain beautiful living walls for you on vertical surfaces in your garden. These green walls are designed to have a mixture of plants in formal or naturalistic arrangements that bring life to any space.

Living walls can make the best of any small courtyard area combined with good surfacing such as smooth paving, decking or artificial grass and exterior garden furniture. Green walls also make a great focal point in larger gardens.

Our Service

Green Rooms Landscapes and Gardens team can help you with the design and installation of green walls, together with on going maintenance or advice to care for the living wall should you wish to do this yourself. We use the highly efficient Scotscape living wall system for installing green walls combined with an irrigation system to minimise your maintenance requirements.

The System

The Scotscape Living Wall is a light-weight semi-hydroponic modular panel system constructed from a patented advanced geotextile fabric. Each square metre holds up to 49 plants in individual pockets. Each panel incorporates a dripline to irrigate the plants through the fabric. Panels can be fitted to flat or curved surfaces and are planted on site. The system is designed for rapid installation by a small specialist team, minimizing on-site disruption and downtime.


At green rooms we are a full service garden design and build company which brings you the convenience of having only one point of contact and some cost benefits too.

However we also like to be flexible and can tailor exactly which of our services you need for a totally bespoke garden solution. For the sake of clarity we split our services into design, build and planting.

We also offer a free consultation to help work out everything you want from your garden or space.


A number of design services are offered. At it’s simplest you may only need a simple layout plan for a beautiful low maintenance planting scheme. At the other end of the scale large complex projects will have detailed technical plans, mood boards and 3d computer generated simulations.

Green rooms recently designed and carried out the work for a total make over on my garden. I thoroughly recommend them for all aspects of the design and works process..
Rachel Thomson
Five Ways, Brighton


Green rooms has a team of landscapers with many years of experience, who can complete all aspects of our landscaping projects. From initial clearance to all forms of garden and landscape construction, as well as making sure everything is clean and tidy before we leave!

They have knowledge of what will look good in your garden and it's great to be given a full set of plans. I would happily use them again and recommend them to friends and family.
Pamela McKellar


Planting is about having plants that look good in places where they will thrive. This takes design skills and detailed plant knowledge of the sort that we pride ourselves at green rooms. It also takes a thorough understanding of your own personal style and what you want in your garden.

From the initial planning, to the building of the pergola, then  discussions about the plantings we were very pleased with the way the project was undertaken and absolutely delighted with the finished garden.
Joyce Clegg
Sussex Square, Brighton

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